”A first Muslim pride festival for members of the faith’s LGBT+ community is to be held in London, after a fundraising campaign raised more than £10,000 to support the event.

The celebration, ran by charity Imaan, will take place in the capital next spring. Imaan was set up in 1999 with the aim of helping LGBT Muslims who feel isolated due to prejudice towards them. The event will look to bring the people it supports together. “This is going to help the next generation to know it’s okay for them to be LGBT and also be Muslim,” said Rose, a project lead at Imaan who did not want to give her surname. “When people talk about Muslims they don’t really talk about sexuality – this will open up the conversation.”

Rose said that, although awareness was one aim of the festival, the main objective was to celebrate the community Imaan works with. “We mainly want to celebrate, we’ve been a thriving community,” Rose added. With the budget goal achieve, those behind the event are now due to start planning the details, including a venue and date. LBTQ+ speakers and artists are set to attend the day, with plans for entertainment and discussions to be coordinated. Other groups who might want to be involved are being encouraged to contact Imaan, with the group keen to promote the importance of allies to its community.

Rose added: “It will be groundbreaking. It’s never been done before. “We want to tell people that it’s okay, we have a community that are here to support you. It will be a celebration of how far we’ve come.”

The fundraiser has raised £10,538 at time of writing.”


Bron: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/first-muslim-pride-event-to-take-place-in-london-to-celebrate-lgbt-community-after-10000-fundraiser-a4272581.html