Montreal, 19 July 2019.

Two gay men navigate the challenges of a smartphone era relationship in “Sell By,” writer-director Mike Doyle’s debut feature film that aims to push the boundaries of the romantic comedy genre by avoiding its tropes.True to its rom-com origins, “Sell By” is a thoroughly optimistic piece. In striving for realism, however, Doyle opted to leave some plot points open-ended. The film’s conclusion, for instance, seems to invite the audience to decide for themselves whether or not Adam and Marklin got what they wanted (or deserved).

“I gravitate toward films that don’t spoon-feed everything to the audience [and] feel like giant puzzles with a patchwork of different voices, conflicts and desires,” Doyle said. “I’ve written a film that has a lot of talking, but I’ve intentionally left enough holes so that the audience can fill in some of the blanks on their own.”

“My hope is that the audience feels like they are the eighth friend in this friend circle,” he added.

“Sell By” will screen at Outfest on July 20 and 21.

Source:; Picture: wiki.