Belfast, 21 October 2019.

The devolved government of Northern Ireland ((Local Assembly) housed in the building ‘the Stormont” has not been in action for the last two and a half year. Since the Good Friday accords, the Local Assembly must exist out of members of the DUP ánd the Sinn Fein. 

The DUP is a conservative party and does not want to change any law in the social field like abortion and same-sex marriage. Sinn Fein however does want to change these laws into a modern version. 

Since the Assembly of NI does not meet, all laws to govern NI are made in London. There the majority has ruled in favor of change for the abortion and same-sex marriage laws. 

If the Local Assembly does not meet today before midnight the London created laws will be in effect in NI. So from tomorrow the 22  October 2019 LGBTI can marry in their NI home town and all elsewhere conducted same-sex marriages are valid for the NI administration  

The BBC writes on their site: Laws on abortion and same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland will change unless devolved government is restored by Monday.

Source:; 21 oct 2019.